Coconut oil – The multipurpose superfood


Used extensively in most tropical countries coconut oil is know for having health benefits that affect your entire body. From uses in weight loss, skin care, regulating cholesterol to relief from heart disease and cancer it makes an essential part of  your diet aimed at improving everyday life.  Although it’s loaded with saturated fats, Coconut oil has specific medium chain triglycerides which are helpful in dealing with numerous kinds of viruses and and bacteria.  The uses are virtual endless, here is a list of ways it can be used to improve your body, inside and out:

Coffee with Coconut oil – Blend a teaspoon of oil into your coffee until its get a creamy delicious texture. This way you get your healthy dose of beneficial fats, and the coffee releases extended energy during the day instead of giving you a short boost.

Facial Moisturizer – Gently massage a small amount into your skin after you’ve washed your face. This can be done on other areas of your body that feel dry.

Energy and metabolism booster – 2 tablespoons a day are all you need to speed up your metabolism and 1 will be enough to give you a much needed burst of energy.

Hair Conditioning – Melt some Coconut oil and apply it on your hair at night and then wash your hair in the morning. This can be done a couple of days a week and reduces protein loss in damaged hair, protects and nourishes it also getting rid of dandruff.

Cooking –When it comes to high heat cooking Coconut oil is a must have due to its resistance to heat. It is also used as an ingredient in many healthy recipes helping you fight with weight loss.

Wood Polish – Use it to coat surfaces in a healthy layer giving it a more natural look then that of standard synthetic chemicals.

coconut oil

This is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to using this multipurpose organic oil. For more on Coconut Oil click HERE.


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