Getting out of your comfort zone

Those motivational posters, memes, and videos can invoke the most unexpected urge to go out and do something new and bold.  Unfortunately, those feelings are really difficult to sustain and tap into, the vices of routine, safety, and sticking to what we know can be some of the most powerful determining factors on how we will spend the rests of our lives; this even transcends wealth or social status.

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How do you get out of this rut of predictable, uninspired, and binding behavior?  Well, as with anything you do in life, you’ll need to consciously change your habits and form new ones.  It’s not going to happen overnight or even a few weeks, but if you put in the work, you can literally change how you are wired for adversity and take meaningful control of your own life.

Balancing Stress and Happiness

How do you identify what your comfort zone is exactly?  Well, for some of us, it’s fairly obvious, as we often get into such a predictable weekly routine that anything else causes an obvious form of displeasure or anxiety.  Homebodies are the most common example to use: they go to work, talk to the same co-workers, go home, talk to the same friends, and spend most of the time at home doing the same activities to have fun or relax.

Let’s be clear, there is nothing wrong with this behavior, not everyone has to go out and party to be happy.  The problem arises when you fast-forward 10-20 years in your adult life and realize how much you wish you coulda-shoulda-woulda on virtually every aspect of your life.  These aspirations are not possible for someone who does not challenge their apprehensions, prejudices, or fears.

How to Step Outside the Box

Telling someone to be more out-going or more aware of their actions is usually always going to fall on deaf ears.  Telling yourself to do these things is almost as futile, however, it is necessary to have these inner dialogs with yourself.  It starts to become a mantra and is part of the process of self-determination.


Small changes to ease yourself into the habit of being used to the feeling of not being in complete control are important.  This may sound insignificant at first glance, but doing something unexpected like picking a food or drink you think is gross, but have never tasted is a harmless way to get the ball rolling.

Make commitments by telling your closest friends or family about your goals to change yourself.  It’s much harder to back out of your own plans when you involve people, whose opinions you value, that you don’t want to let down.  Ultimately, you must be the one who changes your habits, but very few of us can flip their lives upside down without a good support system.

Be bold, but not reckless when it comes to your decisions.  It needs to be reinforced that the goal is not to become a different person, rather someone who is not averse to change and someone who lives with less regrets, especially for things that are undeniably under your own control.

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