How to beat procrastination

We all do it, we all hate it, but we sometimes can’t help it.  Procrastinating sometimes feel like you’re not in control of your own body.  The deadlines tick closer, but like a deer in headlights, you keep doing it to yourself.  So how can you put a stop to procrastination and the stress that comes with it?  There’s a lot of different strategies and advice out there, here are some of the most effective ways to beat procrastination.

Break-up the monotony

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A lot of problems with procrastination stem from having to do tasks that you dread, the ones you know are going to be boring or extremely grating.  The best way to prevent yourself from slipping into emergency panic-mode and having to eat all of that work at once is to chip away at it early, then do something you enjoy in alternating intervals.  Even if you don’t finish your work early, your fear of not finish it diminishes with every bit you do leading up to it.


Get Help

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Not like, help as in cheating, but help as in moral support from your friends or family.  Locking yourself in your room to mash out your work at the last minute is stressful and sometimes the least productive, even if it’s work that you have to concentrate on.  If you have a mature friend or family member that knows what it’s like to grind out a paper, home improvement chores, or work for your job, get them to help you get motivated.  This method works best when you start early, and your friend knows you don’t like to start on it early, because you can take a lot of little breaks to mess around, yet still get it done.


Plan it out in-advanced

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If you have a paper due by the end of the week or a large project, sit down for a few minutes and map out just how much free time you have to get it done between now and then.  If you know that you have a reasonable amount of time to do your work on any of the days before it’s due, then force yourself to do it on a specific time during that day.  Those of us with full work schedules don’t really have a choice, the real problems with not being able to beat procrastination arises when we have too much free time and we basically get into an argument with ourselves about when we should do our work.


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