Improving your Health in the Workplace

An overflowing biscuit and cake table, a stressful daily commute and a day spent mostly sitting are evidently not the ingredients of good health. But if you work in an office, this is most probably a situation you recognise. Even the most health conscious of us can fall into bad workplace health habits. After all, our environment heavily influences our decisions. So, if you look over and see people looking frustrated and munching on chocolate cake, your tension is more likely to rise and your hand to stray.
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A few small steps could make a huge difference. Maybe you won’t reject all thoughts of biscuits and attain a smugly permanent calm, but even the act of deciding to make a few changes to your office well-being can get you out of a rut. At the FeedMyHappy office, we have come up with ways you can do just that. FeedMyHappy offers online courses for well-being, that can flexibly fit into a hectic schedule.

Find a way to bring exercise into your day. If you are able to walk or cycle to work, then that’s great but unachievable for a large portion of us. Instead, add 5 minutes of yoga into your day, building up the time as it becomes a habit. Or make a point of power walking during your lunch break or sign up to a class which will tie you into a regular routine. Even if it feels like you don’t have time, fitting in exercise will boost your productivity in general. I hated P.E. at school so it took a bit of effort to be convinced I could be sporty too, but there is something out there for everyone.

Clear the clutter from your environment and purify your to-do list. Looking at your desk, can you see a list of tasks that has been scribbled over, changed, and added to in the margins? Or a clutter of papers, empty bottles and the debris of past lunches? Or both? The clutter on our desks can easily build up, but making the time to clear it can have a resembling impact upon the mind.

Prepare some healthy snacks, to avoid being left hungry and craving sugar. Stock your bag or desk with some fresh fruit for natural sweetness and nuts to curb your hunger. A portion of good quality dark chocolate and a small bag of popcorn or a raw snack bar can feel like a treat, without the excess of calories and sugar. Nowadays there is a huge range of healthy snacks in health food shops, larger supermarkets and online suppliers.

Make a point of defining your place and what you want. Over the years, after hearing many people voice the causes of their stress at work, the common culprit appears to be a sense of not being valued or having a definite place. Defining in your own mind the things you want and can’t deal with at work can help move forward. Many people have a problem saying no to extra work, or think nothing of spending their evenings checking work emails. We all need to take the time to put work aside and be assertive in getting our voices heard in the workplace.


Ursula Fleming is an English literature graduate from Scotland. She loves everything creative, travelling, cooking and cycling. Ursula currently works for FeedMyHappy, an online course platform for well-being and self-development courses. FeedMyHappy is the go to place online for people looking for happiness and personal development and offers a supportive, structured and secure environment.


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