Learning from your mistakes

This is a lesson in humility and self-reflection.  You won’t learn that you’ve made a mistake until you are able to speak honestly and candidly with yourself and others.  It’s a bad habit to kick if you’re so prideful and you grow up learning that failure equals weakness.  The reality is that owning up to your mistakes, immediately, is the best way to gain respect from others.

While it is common for others to ignore small mistakes, or even medium ones, you should not fall into the habit of thinking you can get away with denying that you’ve made them.  When a major mistake occurs and is not addressed it could have serious consequences in the real world.


Making Excuses

Your brain can manipulate reality in a way that you genuinely start to believe your own lies.  This is also found in pathological liars, but many people aren’t really pathological, they are just taught to turn their frown upside too much and have taken it to a new level.  It’s fine to do it in jest once in a while, but making excuses for all of life’s woes is a surefire way to never grow as a person.

Blaming Others

Not to be confused with economic and socio-political situations, there are definitely real outside factors that influence our chances of success, but for those who aren’t in abject poverty or victims of discrimination, we often blame others when something doesn’t go our way.  Objective thinking is not exactly encourage in modern culture, so if something doesn’t fit our expectations, we often keep making the same mistakes until we are mentally exhausted.  Playing the lottery and other forms of gambling are perfect examples of this behavior.  Gambling has a lot of superstition and superficial beliefs that are used to convince people that there was a reason why they didn’t win and that their day is coming.

Stay Positive, but Stay Humble

Knowing why we fail is as important as success itself.  You have a one-in-a-billion shot at getting lucky and achieving all your dreams without knowing exactly how or why you did it.  Don’t get confused by fairy tale endings in movies where stuff just happens if you ignore the negative.  In real life, if you want to pave your own path to success, you must learn from your mistakes and be on the offensive.  Just making excuses in your own head means you are afraid of taking control of your own life.  Just try this out the next time you make a dumb mistake: announce that you’ve made it to those around you, tell them why it happened, and see how that makes you feel.

Becoming a mentor also teaches you to stay honest and confident with yourself, it’s the best form of therapy for someone who struggles with maintaining their focus on their goals in life.  It’s much easier to let yourself down than it is to let others down, especially if it is someone who looks up to you.  If you don’t have a lil sibling or cousin that you can connect with, try joining a local mentoring program.  There are so many children that need an older brother or sister to talk to.


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