Meditation Mantras – Bring balance to your Life

Life moves fast, loud, and chaotically for most of us.  Living on the edge of extremes, swinging from stress to relaxation can take a toll on your overall mental and physical health.  Meditation is a practice that comes from the East, however, it is not an entirely foreign concept.  It’s all about clearing the mind and being in a fully relaxed state, without being asleep.

This is accomplished through deep breathing practices and successfully transporting the mind to a free state where you aren’t thinking about anything, just floating through your consciousness.  How you get there is unimportant, but there are some techniques that can be used to make your meditation more successful and repeatable.

Meditation mantra

Meditation Mantras

Being able to consistently break from the busy life schedules and stressful environments we live in is paramount to living a long, healthy life.  Meditators throughout the world use mantras to help reach their destination much faster, as if they flip on a switch and ease right into their deep state of mind.

It may appear unusual to those who have never tried it before, but mantras are fairly common across the globe.  Athletes use positive words to get focused for their performance, same with musicians, and anyone experiencing nervousness before they go on stage.  Here’s how you can practice mantras to get you into the state of mind to meditate:

  • First, select a word that will feel good while saying it, like “peace,” “safety,” or “serenity.” If you prefer humming like the yoga instructors do, that is also fine.
  • Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position, preferably in a cross-legged position, with your eyes closed. Then, take a few deep breaths before repeating your mantra.
  • Saying the mantra inside your head is the most effective way to clear your mind. You may have seen some repeat it out loud, but this may distract beginners and feel embarrassing if others can hear you.

Meditation mantras

Results of Daily Meditation

What should you notice after a few days of meditation mantras?  Well, you should notice little things immediately following one, like better focus during tasks, better adaptability, less frustration, and more positivity throughout the day.

Meditation can be used to unwind during a long day or it can be used just before an activity, like yoga.  Many yoga classes actually include meditation as an important part of their sessions.  Meditating in groups can be a very liberating experience and bring you closer to those around you.  Some instructors will include a mantra with their session, meaning you are to repeat your mantra as you are performing your yoga poses and movements.

This is said to increase the ability to hold and execute poses because the mind isn’t filled with negative thoughts or apprehensions.  This same theory can be applied to various activities in your life.  Positive affirmations and mantras can allow the mind to surpass any obstacles or hardships that may come your way.  Start meditating for a few minutes each day to feel the difference.


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