Podcasts – The ultimate personal development medium

Over the years podcasts have developed into one of the most influential form of internet media and their presence as a personal development resource makes them hard to be neglected. Be it self improvement through awareness, spirituality, business success or just topics that will change your perspective on the world around you, these podcasts have everything to be a part of your journey to a better self:

London Real

London real has it all, from success stories of some of the most influential people in business and entrepreneurship to self awakenings and life journeys of today’s personal development gurus. Hosted by and ex wall street banker who took a complete turn in his life to start this uniquely formed podcast it makes for the best go-to resource of inspiration and knowledge. As London Real says “It’s all about the journey” so might as well start it there.


The Tim Ferris show

Tim is all about self-optimization. This bestselling author of the 4-hour book series deconstructs each of his guests digging deep into daily routines and habits of some of the most successful and inspirational people around. He brings his honest curiosity and style to the show making it easy to get into and get hooked in a matter of minutes.


Tai Lopez: “Grand Theory of Everything”

Who better to take advice from than a man who reads a book a day. Tai Lopez is that man, a self-made millionaire and entrepreneur with one of the most inspirational podcasts out there. Tai tries putting out a video per day and has the second largest book club following after Oprah.  His advice focuses on achieving success in all aspects of life and his insights are a sum of some of the greatest minds in human history.


The Joe Rogan experience

Joe Rogan is a man who rarely needs an introduction, people either love him or hate him. His approach is completely open minded and the conversations on his show are frequently deep, intelligent and often have a nice dose of humor. Having a huge range of guests makes this podcast cater to a larger crowd but often features experts in all kinds of fields and as such is a one of those shows you should definitely give a try.

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