Stay The Course

You can plan for the worst and hope for the best. You can pray to get, rather than righteously, just to be. You can wish and dream and seek and search, but, if you’re on the right path to begin with, then ultimately, you shall receive.


Once your path is charted, never, and I mean never, give up. Life will continue to knock you down, a lot, as no one is ever uncontested by challenges. Your journey will be defined by not “how many” times you get knocked down, but “how” you get back up, each and every time stronger, with more resiliency and resolve, from each brutal blow.

Just like there are no big coincidences, just coincidences, you can’t manufacture serendipity. When situations arise that at first glance seem like they were meant to be, they were, for in these cases, you will be merely capitalizing on the apparent opportunities, due to all of your preparations along your journey, which by definition, is commonly referred to as luck!

In layman’s terms, if you hang in there long enough, good things are bound to happen. The key to living a joyful experience while venturing down the path, is to wear a protective shield of confidence in who you are and what you represent.

There is no quick fix, no magic pill, and no make it happen dust. You just have to believe in your heart that your pursuit of your illuminated purpose in life will be your roadmap to fully realize all of your potential, and to the ultimate evolution into your sacred design.

As you stay the course, remember to be the shining light in other’s darkness, be the helping hand in other’s misfortunes, and be the rock of integrity and honor that only a mensch can be. Always remember, when you help other people get what they want, you will indeed be blessed with everything you need.

Images by Aidan and Jane Rahman



This guest article was written by Steven Ratson at Mensch Maven

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