The best GoPro motivation videos

The GoPro has brought a revolution to the world of self recording by offering a unique point of view for a completely immersive experience of what once were regularly filmed videos.  Trying to capture your most memorable moments from your own perspective and sharing them to the world has never been so easy. If there is anything you need to do to push yourself to experience life to the fullest and start living your dreams, instead of being glued to your armchair, it’s watching someone else turn their dreams into reality. The GoPro brings you just that, the motivation of seeing near impossible things done by regular people. So get inspired and motivated while watching these epic videos:

One of those days

One of the most viral videos of the year. You don’t need to be a fan of skiing to appreciate the effort and the execution behind this masterpiece. Candide Thovex brings you an amazing journey down the slopes of La Balme that’s guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seat:


Sense of flying

Ever wondered what flying felt like? Well, this is the closest to it as it gets:



A compilation of videos GoPro officially used to market their HERO3 edition camera. See what it looks like when it gets in the hands of true professionals:


365 days of awesome

An adventurous journey through Canada captured with a GoPro, showing of its versatility as the best capturing tool no matter the activity involved:


16 must-see GoPro videos

A must see compilation by The Washington post:


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