The power of Meditation

Meditation is a practice which teaches you how to regain control over your life by understanding and training your mind. Newly published scientific facts on it’s everyday benefits are rapidly pushing this powerful practice into the mainstream.

Experiencing stress in various forms is unfortunately an unavoidable part of modern day lifestyle.  Our brains try coping with it by going into overdrive rendering us unable to relax and fully enjoy our day to day activities and experiences. Being able to control your reactions to outside influences changes your emotional state and prevents you from entering negative thoughts. While carrying a positive perspective into your life it adds to your success and induces overall positive thinking and mindset. That is the the real power of meditation.

The more you practice the grater the benefits but the immediate ones are enough to keep you enthusiastic to the point you are more than willing to trying it again.

Benefits of meditation:
  • Increases Brain Volume in key areas related to emotion regulation
  • Improves Memory by increasing Gray Matter
  • Decreases Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Improves Focus and Attention by increasing Cortical Thickness
  • Increases Positive Emotions and Social Connection
  • Boosts your Immune Function
  • Improves your Self Control


So how do you actually meditate!?

The basics of meditation are really simple to get into and are enough to gain the crucial benefits for improving your quality of life.

Start by finding a peaceful environment and deciding how long you wish to meditate. The suggested starting time frame would be at least 5 minutes. Before starting you can stretch out to relax your body and easily get into the most comfortable position. Now you can sit or lay in a one of the suggested positions:

Close your eyes, try to detach yourself from outside stimulation and begin to breath deeper in patterns of 4 seconds in, followed by 4 seconds out. Once you get accustomed to this breathing pace bring your awareness to the sensation of your breath. Feel the fresh air flowing in from your nose to your throat, lungs and belly, filling them, and than flowing back out. Do not force the breath, try calming your mind and whenever random thoughts arise, just acknowledge them, set them aside and return to the breath. From this you can go on to putting your attention to your body, starting from the feet all the way to the your head, concentrating on the sensations in each part before moving to another. You can also start focusing on the sounds that surround you, picking them out individually, seeing the similarities in the way they arise to your thoughts.

These practices are enough to get you on the journey of meditation, helping you on your path to happiness and success. The rest is on you to explore and experiment, finding out what suits you best and incorporating it into your daily lifestyle. For complete beginners we recommend using guided meditations on YouTube to get you started:


Meditation is a powerful tool and a life-long practice, be sure to reap it’s benefits and use it to maximize your potential.


 „Meditation is like the ultimate rest. It’s a quieting of the mind. It sharpens everything, especially your appreciation of your surroundings. It keeps life fresh.”  Hugh Jackman


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