Warren Buffett – Motivation for ages

Buffett is one of the most recognized motivational speakers and examples of personal success, but why is that?  To put it bluntly: it’s his unshakable will and drive for success.  In his mind, he never doubted that he would become a very wealthy man, even as a young boy.  That level of confidence is rare these days, many of us talk the talk, but only few walk the walk.

Success is directly proportionate to the ability to set and follow-through with your goals.  You must learn how to roll with the punches and forget about the possibility of failure.


Warren Buffett got to where he is now because of his natural instinct to challenge himself; he bought his first share of stock at the tender age of eleven.  Most of us would think there would be some sort of age limit on that level of finance and never attempt it.  A lemonade stand can teach you similar business skills, so the leap of investment wasn’t that far-fetched for Buffett.

Speaking of investment, he took the money he got from being a paperboy and bought his own farm at the age of 14.  Now, that is what you call determination.  If you have the discipline to save up your money and not spend it as you get it, you can do some amazing things for your future.  That’s a common theme in all of Warren Buffett’s talks: invest in your future.

Treasure your Treasure

warren buffett

To this day, Warren Buffett lives a fairly humble life, in the same home that he purchased 50 years ago with his wife.  No private chauffeur, no private bodyguards, no fleet of cars, planes, or trucks.  Although, he does own his own private plane business, he doesn’t use that to travel, i.e. he makes money, rather than bleeding it on luxury.  When you live within your means, you have more capital to invest elsewhere.  For many, that’s just one of the hardest habits to break, living in the now is a much easier and less stressful path, until you reach the age when you have to start thinking about retirement.

Warren Buffett knows the power of motivation, he takes time every year to write to all of his CEOs that work for him to give them advice and reinforce his trust and confidence in them.  Success is infectious, so if you know someone who is successful, in your eyes, you should be around them as much as possible, and start picking up their good habits.

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