What’s the meaning of life?

It’s easy to get lost in this world of stress, suffering, death, and destruction, so much so that you start asking questions about your own life and what you’re even here for. This is a normal reaction and everyone feels overwhelmed by all the stimuli around us, just don’t let it take hold of your every waking thoughts, as this can easily send you into a state of depression.
When you arrive at this question of “what’s the meaning of life?” you are essentially reaching the point in your life where the material goods and small goals you process throughout your younger years start becoming redundant or start to feel insignificant. This is showing that you’ve matured to the stage where you demand more than just the status quo or self-fulfilling goals.
You haven’t figured out your purpose in life yet, so how do find it or where do you begin your search?


Sometimes it takes people longer than others to figure out the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around you and that life isn’t just about your success. This is often described as living a sheltered life or within one’s own bubble of contained interactions. The problem is, it can be hard to detect that you are someone who might be living within this bubble, because essentially you need to face some significant level of adversity to draw back the curtain.
For example, you may think that everyone who whispers around you in a public place is doing it to talk about you behind your back, but you don’t have any evidence to back this claim up. You think this because your ego is saying you’re important and it has to be about you. This sounds a bit silly, but this is essentially the inner-workings of this personal bubble we live in, which can lead to a very scary fork in the road when you come to terms that you aren’t that special.


Comfort zone- life meaning

The key to dealing with this personal bubble, this ego that prevents us from seeing the big picture in life is constantly challenging yourself and not defaulting to our comforts every time. Being rich, having no job, and having fun for the rest of our lives are what we imagine to be the perfect life. A lot of resentment in life is based off being sold this delusion. Without adversity, we can’t grow. The sweet just isn’t as sweet without the bitter, so they say.
Fear of the unknown or the uncomfortable is something we have to overcome in order to enjoy life. That is why this question: “What’s the meaning of life?” can often be asked in a morose way that alludes to there being no meaning because we are not happy with our own lives.


Changing your perspective in life is not a switch you flip after reading an article, it is a process, as is life. Learning to step outside your boundaries involves you taking risks, going to places you have never been, and doing things you have never done. The best way to start this journey is to talk with people you have never spoken to before. With the internet, this first step becomes almost trivial, you just need to go into it with an open mind.
Why should you speak to strangers when you already have good friends? Well, your good friend is likely only ever going to confirm your own biases, like the same things you do, share similar opinions as well. The meaning of life is a question that has a different answer for many different people. If you don’t know the answer, then maybe you should start asking others?


Even if you don’t know the answer to your purpose in life, you can find hints all around you if you know where to look. Just take, for example, our feelings of stress and anxiety. When we are feeling stressed, we don’t think well, we don’t feel well, and it can cause others to feel stressed, too. This can be described as “negative energy” or “vibes” and it is easily observed. When you realize how your own actions or inactions can affect more than just yourself, you begin to see that life is more than just about your own story, you aren’t in this alone.
Living in a personal bubble is self-destructive, whether your bubble is filled with depression or happiness. As soon as someone comes by and pops your bubble, it can leave you feeling empty and afraid of the path that you’ve been on. Realizing you have a bigger purpose in life than earning money, buying things, and having fame is the first step to understanding your importance in life.
Not having all the answers is okay. If scientists can continue to love life and make progress without knowing all the answers, then I would say the meaning of life is trying to do the best that you can.

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