Why optimists make great leaders

Optimism is a real thing, with real scientific basis, and real success stories that confirm why it is so important to have enough of it to live a healthy, happy life.  Optimism isn’t just about being happy all the time, that’s what people often get confused about.  An optimistic leader operates on a different level than someone who is just going with the flow, taking whatever life puts in front of them.

positive leaders

Optimistic Leaders are Logical

Another common misconception about optimists is that they are deluded by their own happiness or they wish for things to happen.  This is not true, optimists forge their own paths to get to where they want to go; they solve problems with creative thinking and sheer willpower.  An optimistic leader cannot simply leave things up to chance, just because they think positive, that would be silly.  Many optimists are born leaders, because they think outside the box and don’t sit around and wait for things to work out on their own.

Optimists are Naturals at Business

Let’s preface this by saying not all optimists are great businessmen, but the qualities of optimists allow for better survival in competitive markets.  Optimists will look at a graveyard and see the rose growing through a crack, sparking some instant inspiration that others simply will never think of.  This is because many businesses are afraid to take risks, the pessimism will serve as a mental block or filter that prevents them from seeing the big picture.  This is why we have positions like “creative director” in the corporate world, even in relatively boring industries.

Fear is a survival mechanism, but you must learn to adapt it towards your own advantage and embrace it to be successful.  An optimist sees opportunity everywhere, especially the places we are afraid to go.

Optimists are Infectious

Team leaders know how to rally the troops and spark creativity by saying the right words.  Optimists are excellent at the art of persuasion and communication.  You can instill confidence without optimism, just like you can’t become a successful businessman if you do not believe in your own success.  If you let doubt creep into your business at any level, it will spread like a virus, so you must always be positive, and optimistic.

This optimism is a life choice, it’s not just a gimmick or a way to trick yourself into getting your work done better.  Once you start looking at things like an optimist, you will feel like you have awoken from a slumber.  We are not all born optimists, sometimes it just takes the right mentor or teacher to show you the way.

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